Website design company Bangalore!

When you read this title, you might have immediately noticed that it sounded incorrect. Yet, we have come across several searches for web designers on the net.

When we narrow it down to a city like Bangalore, some of the top most searched keywords are ‘website design company Bangalore’, ‘website development company in Bangalore’, ‘website designing in Bangalore’ etc. Though many of these keywords are grammatically incorrect, this goes to prove how important users are.

It all depends on users and they are more important than anything else.

The many aspects of web designing, the planning and execution, the content strategy, the flexibility options kept even after the process is completed etc are all done with one final aim – user satisfaction and great experience.

web designing company

Web designing

Web designers have to take a lot of things into consideration when designing a website. From visual appearance to functional design, website designing is an area that requires the designers to be constantly updated.

Defining the skeleton of the website or the user journey all the way down to the individual page and everything else that should be considered during this process is something that should be carefully planned and implemented.

Then there are other aspects like mobile considerations and testing.

web design

The ultimate aim is to create a great user experience for your website on multiple devices. Your website should be treated as a continually evolving project while using analytics, feedbacks etc to improve the experience. Like we mentioned earlier even a keyword like ‘website design company Bangalore’ has reached the top of the keyword list just to respect the users (instead of forcing them to make it grammatically correct).

Similarly, in the end, websites are not for designers, it is for users.

Website architecture

It is also crucial to have an efficient web application architecture since this is the blueprint for supporting future growth depending on future requirements.

A good website architecture is all about the organization of information in a clear and logical way.

Website architecture ensures you meet your business goals while delivering a great user experience at the same time. All good websites have information architecture but it should mainly include usability, interaction design, user interface design, information design, web design, graphic design and content strategy.

Content strategy is indispensable

It is easy to admire some other website displaying a beautiful WordPress template but it is very important to think about your objectives and the goals of your own journey and your website before considering it. Your website should allow you to showcase your solution offering in the best possible way. Among these elements, your content forms an integral part of the whole website.

content writing

Content strategy is a dynamic plan to produce and publish unique innovative content that lays the foundation for a strong relationship with your target audience. There are some content elements to be included even before the website design materializes. They are:

  • Core messaging
  • Headlines & subheadings
  • Paragraph text
  • User personas
  • Call to actions
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Easy navigation
  • SEO
  • Social media accounts

If you clearly communicate all these factors to the website developer, it will definitely have a positive influence on the final product. In other words, your website will be very unique and properly targeted. Audience attention spans have been reducing steadily in the last few years.

As of now, on an average, a user spends less than 10 seconds on any given website before forming a perception about the brand and its business.

Hence, it is extremely important to make a powerful first impression that stands out. Website designing is making rapid changes to transform a website into a business generator. With the advent of CMS platforms like WordPress, WIX, HubSpot, etc.

most websites follow similar patterns, themes and user experience. They almost look like clones of one another, with very limited brand recall. One will easily agree with Jeffrey Zeldman when he said that website designing without proper content is just the same as decorating your website. Besides giving utmost importance to content and all the other elements required for creating an amazing website, we at Blufig keep ourselves constantly updated.

To that extent, we are aware of the latest trends, unique selling points, your concerns and even top user searches in this regard (website design company Bangalore, Website designing in Bangalore, Website Development Company in Bangalore and so on).

This is just to give you an idea that we have the SEO & web designing expertise to create a beautiful website that is result oriented (through powerful SEO practices).

Blufig is a Website designing company in Bangalore.

We are experienced enough to create websites without sacrificing either beauty or its conversion potential. End-to-end web designing & development is our forte along with website content strategy. Call us now and let us help you!

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