Relevance of a social media company in Bangalore

Is social media important?

The easy answer is yes. When you realize or read more about the impact of social media on your business, it will be very hard to say no to social media. No matter what your industry, segment or audience is, a substantial chunk of your customers and leads are right now active on social media. A social media company in Bangalore or any other city/country is working furiously based on this unavoidable fact.

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Social media posts drive targeted traffic. When you have access to those potential clients, it helps you to boost traffic especially if your site is new. Without social media, it takes a much longer time for you to gain traction with Google and such. If you are a relatively new business entry, most of your new customers will not even know you exist without an active social media presence.

Even a new business owner knows that India is a huge market and that it surpasses most countries with its tremendous population and market size. It is therefore not a surprise that a social media company in Bangalore has an important part to play in this buzzing field.

Let us take a look at some of the major reasons on why social media is important.

A strong social media presence builds brand loyalty

The more you are engaging the public on social media, the more you are building your connection with them. Customers begin to realize that you value them and that they are not a money-making utensil for you. This then transforms you into an entity that cares, has values, a strong personality etc. Your brand gradually shapes up into a human-like entity with emotions and values. In a competitive market, this can make all the difference.

PR is strengthened

Social media is a dream-come-true for PR strategies. Whether it becomes a pleasant dream or a nightmare depends on the way you handle your audience. It provides you with a space where you are able to interact with them in a personal, informal manner. Answering them in a timely manner keeping in mind your brand values and respecting their emotions will go a long way in getting you strongly attached to customers for many years to come.

More sales

We are not talking about pop up ads but when you maintain your product presence in front of your client base through social media or otherwise, it is more likely that your product sells more when they need you. This is a simple fact. But social media goes beyond this. You are actually able to influence their buying decisions (at different stages of their buyer’s journey). Whether it is through highlighting your blog reach, answering customer queries, addressing and solving pain points or even enticing them with incentives, social media becomes your turbo-charged machine for all such endeavours. The end result = more sales.

Shape your Brand perception

Right now, we can confidently say that there is no other marketing tool that plays such a huge role in shaping your brand perception than social media. Constant interaction with customers, the press, field experts, critics etc can drive you profile, strengthen your public image etc. It gives your brand the sales it deserves.

These Are Just Few Points On Why Social Media Is Important. There Are Plenty More And The List Keeps Growing.

So will Social Media inevitably create value for your business? Yes it will. But it has to be handled properly. Savvy managers don’t sit idle once you post something.

They are ever-alert as your post is not only seen/read by customers, they also comment on it. They share it and also provide their feedback about it. These secondary engagements are also viewed by many others. You need to be constantly there to offer explanations or clarifications. These listening and interactive sessions goes on and ultimately lead to actions.

Besides the above points, when you boost your social media posts in the right way, you are able to draw traffic at a rate that is just a fraction of what you pay on Google ads. Since we have explained why it is important, let us move on to the next doubt.

So, can we measure the ROI from Social Media?

ROI on social media is fantastic and yes it can be measured. ROI stands for ‘return on investment’ and Social Media ROI is simply what you get back from all the time, resources and other efforts you commit to social media. Your social media strategy depends on your business objectives. It could be brand awareness, sales, customer satisfaction or as is the case generally, a mixture of all these under an order of priority. Generally speaking, social media ROI is the sum of all your social media actions that create value for your business. A simple formula for measuring ROI is given below:

Profit/investment (hours of people working, budget etc) x 100 = Social Media ROI (percentage)

For example, if you made 2000 in revenue from social media on a 1000 investment, your profit is 1000 (profit = revenue – investment). So as per the above formula,

1000/1000 x 100 = 100% (you got 100% return on your investment)

This is just one among many other popular formulas used in this regard.

And finally, the big question. Should you outsource it?

This is strictly your choice. Generally, if you are a company based in India, you would know more about your business than a social media company in Bangalore (at least supposedly).

But, you do have a business to run and possibly do not have the time to run a social media marketing campaign with your team. Managing a social media channel like facebook for one company takes at least a couple of hours every day. And that’s just for one channel.

When you add unavoidable social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, the required time is much more.

We also should understand that these efforts take a lot of time, planning and it has to be done consistently until we achieve our desired objectives.

When and if you do outsource this task to an agency, you are actually hiring a team who are aware of these campaigns, the analytics , copyrighting, graphic designing, latest social trends, content expertise etc. This is the reason why most of the companies outsource their social media efforts.

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