How Blufig will help your company succeed through organic SEO

At Blufig, we value results above all else. And for results, we focus more on superior content mixed with powerful SEO techniques. We believe content and SEO go hand-in-hand and these two elements should not remain exclusive if success is your goal.

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Though we go in depth with our campaigns and take exhaustive measures to ensure success, we believe in keeping it simple when it comes to explaining our functions to you.

We have a firm belief that organic search defines the character of an organization. Organic search is the crucial component of a purchase funnel. It is the driving force behind a proper conversion or even engagement.

If we were to summarize our activities, it can be stated that we create and maintain a strong foundation for a website that is clean, pleasing to the eye with a great user experience that is easily visible on the search results. Our SEO experts in Bangalore are working every day towards our aim to be the best SEO company.

We give high importance to content

Our efforts in this regard will be predominantly organic. If we further break this part on how we do it, we give utmost importance to a content based SEO campaign to achieve the desired objectives. We have a dedicated team in Bangalore to make sure our content quality does not go down.

Fresh content that is high in quality is of paramount importance in this regard. More importantly, we produce such content consistently to ensure greater rankings and conversions on a regular basis. We will be updating you periodically on your progress through proper analytics and reporting.

When you select an SEO consulting service through us, rest assured you can rely on the best digital marketing results for your business.

Naturally, we are not going to list everything we do, but we will give you a general idea on how we know the pulse of Search Engine Optimization and how to derive the maximum juice from it to give you a tangible advantage once the process is over.

SEO services for different industries

We offer SEO services for a range of different sectors. A few are mentioned below:

SEO For Educational Institutes

We conduct the normal SEO audit, put emphasis on mobile SEO, review keywords, check for duplicate content, address page load speed, optimize linking, measure success etc and much more in our SEO campaigns. But there are some unique attributes to the education sector of which we are well aware of.

For example, websites in this field can be segmented according to the courses and/or departments. The data saving requirements are also different for educational institutes.

Hence, our SEO experts in Bangalore customize our SEO services to suit the particular institute/college’s requirement and functioning. .

SEO For The Healthcare Sector

In addition to the normal SEO process that we implement, yet again the healthcare sector will have its own unique requirements. Whether it is to grow the number of patients or to increase/decrease the number of procedures, we have the business acumen and the SEO experts in Bangalore to handle your establishment’s goals.

Expensive treatments, high risk procedures etc are the medical phrases that are searched often on the net. If a patient wants to search for eye surgery, we are aware of the different ways they use this terminology and where and how they search it most frequently.

Again we know how to customize such requirements and though we wouldn’t want to explain all the unique features on this page, we expect you to get a general idea that we are aware of your unique changes. Relevant, unique content will go a long way in establishing you as an authority in your field of expertise/specialization and we have a strong content marketing team just to suit your needs. This is yet another example of adapting to your unique needs.

SEO For The Hospitality Sector

Swift, split-second decision comes to mind when it comes to the hospitality sector. Consumers are very demanding and very quick in selecting what they like.

Our SEO structure will be modified accordingly considering this change and a lot of other unique factors that we have realized through our experiences.

Link Building

Link-building is still found to have a serious impact on increasing your search rankings. We keep prioritizing content even in this regard since valuable content is what links everyone to your website. Without high quality content, all the effort put into link building will amount to nothing significant.

Along with this firm belief, we also give importance to improving relationships with other businesses that are relevant to your growth. We constantly update ourselves with link-building rules (since it changes continually).

In fact, we have a few of our SEO experts in Bangalore working exclusively to track and monitor this function since it consumes a lot of time.

When it comes to link building, the main criteria we follow are as follows:

  • Determine the value of a particular link and what value that link brings to your site (potential traffic, relevancy, authority etc). Sometimes relevant links are more important than DA itself.
  • Pay attention to local listing
  • Create compelling content so that the link built gets the maximum result
  • Build relationships, referral business and assist in brand building

SEO Consulting Services +

Our SEO consulting services will enable your website to achieve a strong online presence. We do this by focusing on delivering quality content consistently and implementing an effective SEO campaign to complement the superior content.

We offer you a complete SEO service to support you through any stages of your online presence even if it is from the launching phase.

We know what it takes to be best SEO experts in Bangalore or elsewhere.

SEO Web Design Services

The structure of your website is a key element for SEO web design services. We carefully decide on the SEO tactics depending on the nature of your business since it varies accordingly (buying a product as against researching a topic for example).

We put a lot of effort to map out the structure of your site and then decide on how to take advantage of the natural segmentation and take it further than that.

The internal linking structure is the main difference between an SEO segmentation and natural segmentation. Of course, we focus on much more than that including code optimization, the look, the feel, colours, graphics and the overall user experience.

But when it comes to implementing SEO measures, it goes beyond all this. In short, we revise the website architecture itself and take care of a range of things including code, content, navigation and much more.

Besides having a team of professional SEO experts, we also have experienced web designers adding a lot of value to our core group.

SEO Copy Writing

SEO copywriting is a form of writing that contains key phrases, is published online and helps your content rank higher while driving quality traffic too. It should be read and understood easily without sounding repetitive or fake. It is generally used to advertise your content. From our viewpoint, we make sure that Google sees a proper, authoritative content that answers your customer’s query properly.

We also make sure that your customers will love the content and enjoy it (be it educational, entertaining or enlightening).

At Blufig, our SEO Copy Writing is done with two targets or masters as we like to call it; your readers and Google.

We also have a 3rd target in mind- the authority websites (though some would argue that authority websites are part of your readers). But if we split the group out carefully, it is easy to understand why we have 3 targets.

Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO Marketing, like the name, denotes search engine optimization using location as the main focal point (generally the location of your business activities). Location is used to generate quality traffic.

In simple terms, Local SEO marketing promotes your business on location-based searches. Qualifiers like zip code, city, state and the popular ‘near me’ searches come into place under this type of SEO marketing. It is important but the importance is greatly increased if your business is a brick and mortar store or if you are located in a particular area for all your sale and services.

Almost 100 percent of smartphone users will use their phone to do local searches (according to Forbes) which give us a glimpse of its importance.

It also increases your rankings and gives you an edge over your competitors. In recent times, Local SEO has gained more prominence and a lot of new developments have happened in this area. In fact, we have extensively covered this topic in our website on a different page.

Mobile SEO

Almost 60 percent of all internet traffic now comes from mobiles (as per a Forbes finding). By using the same coin, we can also say that we miss that part of the traffic if we do not align our SEO activities with the mobile.

Image and video availability on the mobile (just like in your desktop), visible texts without the need to zoom in/out, clickable interactive buttons with the right size, loading speed, accelerated mobile page protocols, the type of coding & formatting, pop-up minimization, mobile friendly evaluation Generally, making your website mobile responsive is the ultimate objective for us whether it is for a new or existing one.

Video SEO

You might be surprised to know that after Google, the second most popular search engine is YouTube. This shows the growing importance of video marketing and specifically Video SEO. Depending on your goals whether it is to drive conversions or increasing brand awareness, we can formulate an effective SEO campaign to suit your needs.

Using videos can achieve an 80% increase in your conversion rate (as per Eye View Digital) Metadata, video sitemap, sharing videos across digital channels, video addition to your website, engaging thumbnails, choosing the right video platform, title and description of the video, relevant and quality content and videos complementing each other, highlighting the video on the page etc are some of the extensive factors we take into account for Video SEO.

Search engines cannot actually watch your videos to rank you but we can use transcriptions to let Google and others know what the video is about. Here again, we believe quality is as important to videos as it is to a written content.

Whether it is a product video or an explanatory video (like an infomercial), we can chalk out a convenient plan that suits your needs and goals. When used in the right manner, video SEO can give your SEO campaign a massive boost.

SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing include long and detailed articles or blogs that encourages the reader with a call-to-action in the end be it to buy the product, subscribe to the website, ask for a trial etc.

It has to provide sufficient and detailed information to satisfy the reader. It should be properly researched, fact-based and generally formal in its approach. More research is required for the keywords too.

A normal writer (or a normal content writer) might create good material but will generally fall short of implementing effective SEO measures. Sadly, no matter how good a content is, if proper SEO methods are not used, your content might not get the desired effect.

We can ensure that your product/website gets its desired objectives through proper SEO content writing where we combine the elements of quality content with powerful SEO methods.

Our SEO experts agree on this tried and tested method and have come up with a winning formula in this regard. In other words, our SEO experts in Bangalore are adept at using SEO content writing and ensure the maximum benefit for your product.

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