As attention span decreases, explainer video makers gain more prominence

Marketing channels have exploded into such a wide range of choices that consumers are spoilt for choices. Understandably, users do not focus on one channel/content for long and quickly move on to the next. Today, we only have a small window of opportunity within which we have to get our message across, get their attention, impress them and hopefully convince them to take a call of action. Explainer video makers, in this context, become very important. They are informative and attractive enough to keep our users focused. It helps you stand out from the competitors.

explainer vdieo maker

After Google, YouTube is one of the most popular digital channels used for searches. Most written content include explainer videos on their pages. Such developments speak volumes about explainer video production and their impact around the globe.

When an explainer video maker is involved in creating an effective video, there are several components that go into the final product like scripting, storyboarding, voice over, creative team inputs and then finally completion. There is a reason why companies put so much effort into creating such brilliant explainer videos (which sometimes turn viral too).

5 reasons why explainer videos give you a higher rate of success

1. Attract Your Customers Effectively & Efficiently

In today’s world, a website full of written articles and blogs might not be enough to keep the user’s attention. Sure, great content can hold them to an extent. But a website full of page after page with only written content will have a diminishing margin of returns as we are going forward towards an increasingly visual based online world. Visuals, and even more so moving visual images, capture our attention more than written text or even stationary images.

Explainer videos on the other hand are suited to today’s short attention span. It holds the visitor from the start and since you have got their attention, they are likely to stay on your page until they finish watching the video. They might also then take a look at your written content to know more since their curiosity is now raised.

2. Videos Are Easier To Understand

Potential customers from around the world come from different backgrounds. A video makes it easier (almost universally) to communicate to a global audience. The visual image along with the audio covers the needs for at least a basic understanding of what is intended. Clutter and confusion is reduced.

3. Conversion Rates Are Increased

As explained earlier, explainer video makers break the confusion and answers most of the user’s doubts in a manner that is easy to understand through different demographics.

It is then easy to imagine why explainer video production leads to a better conversion rate. Many market research companies point towards a better conversion rates for explainer videos. For this reason, it is also very important to use call-to-action in your videos.

4. Videos Are More Shared

Explainer videos are more shared than written blogs and articles. Sharing leads to a greater reach and ultimately more people discovering your product/services. This is an advantage that can bring you free engagement and a higher rate of conversion.

5. Moving Visual Image Simplifies The Message & Accurately Conveys The Right Tone

The tone in a written content has to be carefully planned and executed. Even then, it is difficult to convey the right tone across the target audience. However, with an explainer video content, the visual image and body language makes it tremendously easier to communicate the right tone and most users will immediately get it at the first few seconds itself. It makes the content more accurate and the chances for the wrong tone and message is minimal.

Let us take a look at how explainer videos can positively influence almost all the industries.

Tech Industry

New apps, computer software programs, internet startups, technical products etc all need at least an explainer video to simplify the complex methodology of these products and show it to their customers.

Explainer video makers make it so much easier for the tech industry to explain their customers that their latest product can solve their problems.

Healthcare Industry

One look at many health-care websites and you will see how long and full of texts they are. But companies in this industry that really care for their complex products and services make it a point to create high-quality explainer videos on their main page.

Such videos are a vital source to make their potential clients understand how such procedures and services are beneficial to them.

Even a video explaining their company in detail also goes a long way towards establishing brand presence and development.

Manufacturing Industry

Again, when your activities involve converting raw materials into finished products, the process is inevitably complex. Actual footage (briefs) on how your company works to complete this process is a brilliant approach to build transparency, credibility and enhance your product quality in the eyes of your customers.

Explainer video productions (animated or otherwise) are brief, full of information and interesting for viewers even when the process is complex.

Non-Profit Industry

Social welfare groups, animal care groups and other non-profit companies do a lot of public activities. They require a daily dose of well organized explainer videos and published consistently.

Since they need a lot of public support, no other strategy gives them more public reach than explainer videos. In fact, we are used to seeing hundreds of videos on different digital channels which are highly appreciated by the users (including facebook, twitter, youtube etc).

Even when they post written text-based posts, we are used to seeing a video attached to the post which gives them the much needed leverage and shares and quickly at that.

Undeniably, explainer video productions are going to gain more momentum in this year along with other forms of videos.

It is time to fulfill the true capacity of this strategy. While choosing an explainer video maker, be sure to explain your objectives in a clear manner from the beginning so that you get the best possible result.

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