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animated videos

Animated Videos or explainer videos are used to explain concepts in a fun way. They come in very handy when you need to cover multiple characters, locations and situations. They are extremely affordable as compared to Live Motion or Motion Graphics videos.

Here is an example of an animated video which we created in a three days.

live motion or motion graphic videos

Motion Graphic videos are used when you need to emotionally connect with your audience. It is a substitute of you being there in person and communicate what you would generally do. Live Motion is used for Interview Videos, Spokesperson Videos, Employee Videos, Corporate Videos and more.

Here is an example of Spokesperson Video.

product demo videos or demo videos

Product Demo Videos are used when you want to demonstrate your product or service to a wider audience in a consistent way. It acts as a substitute of your leadership team as to what they want to say and how they want to do it.

Product Demo Videos have become very popular for software product demos, Tech Concept Demos, etc.

Here is an example of a Demo Video which we made in 4 days.

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