Importance of content marketing in today’s world

For a long time, consumers were targeted and aggressively pushed towards a purchase decision. They were even bombarded with ads to forcefully make a sale. That distasteful approach is dead (though they do return from the grave from time to time to scare us & cause irritation).

Today, content is created and communicated to provide something that is of value to our customers and influence them step by step towards a purchase (when they are ready i.e.). In the modern digital world, content marketing is not about creating blogs after blogs and sharing them. It is much more than that.

content marketing

A content marketing strategy represents your reasons for creating your content. Why you are creating it, who are you creating it for and how you can help them in a unique manner that others cannot are some of the core elements of this strategy.

Brand building, awareness, consideration, interest and purchase are all taken care of in an orderly fashion. The buyer’s journey (attract, convert, close, delight) is respected and followed by companies through different styles.

Main areas to focus for a startup

1. When Deploying An Effective Content Marketing Strategy, Startups Need To Bear In Mind Some Unique Points Like

  • Brand awareness,
  • Increasing engagement
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Building customer relationships and trust
  • Reach
  • Accurately defining your target audience
  • Easy to find
  • Relevant & useful to your audience
  • Content that answers questions

These basic intentions should be in your mind while creating any content marketing strategy especially when you are a startup.

2. After This, We Then Strongly Recommend You To Follow The S.M.A.R.T. Goal Method To Tighten The Content Marketing Strategy Campaign.

If you have got the gist of the above two steps, take a look at a few Content Marketing strategies that will help you in your unique journey.

content marketing

5 simple Content Marketing strategies for startups

1. Focus On Visual Content

Images and videos are already proven to captivate viewers often more than written content. Images, infographics, videos etc are content materials that should be inducted into your strategy more than ever in today’s world.

We are not suggesting you to bombard your campaign with costly videos, images and such visual materials but the occasional inclusion of such visual content will do wonders to your campaign. Such contents are also easily shared more on social media as per reports than written blogs.

2. Select A Niche Topic

Even within your industry, try to find that niche area that is waiting to be highlighted. This will soar up your content’s unique quality, make your brand noticeable and even make you an authority on that topic.

The trick here is to dive deep and be more and more specific until you find that bingo topic! For example, if you are running a content marketing & SEO agency, try focusing on an article on local SEO.

content marketing

(While everyone else writes about the same thing, you can be unique!)

You can also focus on long-tail keywords to discover areas and topics that are not commonly used (Google auto-complete feature is a great tool in this regard).

content marketing

You can actively seek out an interesting niche topic by even setting up alerts so that you get notified immediately. Be aware that the end product should be fresh and interesting than any previous write-ups on the topic you choose. .

3. SEO Completes Your Content Marketing Strategy

This is a no-brainer for anyone associated with Digital Marketing. Without a proper SEO campaign to push your content, the success rate comes down to alarming levels.

Usage of specific keywords, optimization measures and a number of factors that a powerful SEO team can provide, gives your content structure the much-needed muscle to survive in this competitive online world.

4. Mobile Marketing Is A Must

Smartphones have not just changed the world of mobiles but the internet as well. It has already surpassed the search percentage share of desktops a few years back. Without rambling on an obvious development that is now a common fact to many, all we suggest is to practice mobile marketing immediately.

It is worth it! You can also consider buying/developing an app for your potential users (you will be surprised at how easy & reasonably priced the process is nowadays).

5. Honesty Still Pays

Yeah. Its clichéd but for some of us who still remember that old saying, it still holds true to an extent. No matter what you do, we strongly suggest not using fraudulent or false information in the hopes of getting more traffic and conversion.

Your reputation is valuable. Once it is lost, the short term benefits will never be enough to replace it in the long run.

On the other hand, the organic trust you build with your client base goes a very long way in helping you with your business fortunes and many of those loyal customers will stick to you even when you go through a lean patch. Loyalty and trust is gold for your future.

These are some of the effective strategies that can be employed by startups.


While implementing a content marketing strategy, it is by now evident that we also need to balance our Digital content with both long & short content at appropriate times (depending on the buyers journey stage). Don’t back away from taking ‘calculated’ risks.

There is no guaranteed way to achieve success but it is guaranteed that trial and error will always give you valuable results.

The five marketing strategy points we have given will definitely help you with your content marketing efforts. They are easy to use (but should be carefully implemented) and are suitable to both experienced & inexperienced startup owners.

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